30 low cost date ideas!


photo credit ufostart.blogspot.com edited by me.

I am a strong believer of both making your own fun and that love isn't about money. I thought some of you might enjoy having a cheap valentines day that focuses on you and your partners love (*vomits with cheese overload* sorry). So here are my low cost date ideas...
  1. Bake yourselves a cake and decorate it.
  2. Go for a long walk in your park and find hidden spots you never knew existed.
  3. Have a rented movie marathon.
  4. Drive to your nearest mountain or hill and climb it.
  5. Go for a walk by the nearest coast.
  6. Have a stroll along a river - see where it takes you.
  7. Find some couples questions online and host a quiz.
  8. Go for a bike ride.
  9. Have a picnic.
  10. Have a game marathon - best of 5?
  11. Instead of eating a whole meal out just have a coffee/desert in your favourite cafe.
  12. Arrange for other couples to come over and have a small party (music, chatter, snacks).
  13. Plan future adventures (a summer holiday?)
  14. Do something crafty together
  15. Try to draw each other as well as you can.
  16. Watch a game show - place bets on who will win.
  17. Follow a quiz show on TV and answer the questions to see if you would have beaten the contestant(s).
  18. Set up a camping tent (or just blankets) in the garden and watch the stars.
  19. Go for a walk around your town in the dark.
  20. Help out another friend by baby sitting together.
  21. Set up a photo-booth - use props and your camera (or phone/tablet).
  22. Have a competition on something you both enjoy e.g name a song from a Disney film.
  23. Do some random acts of kindness (get ideas from the internet and go out to spread kindess together)
  24. Offer to give your partner a massage.
  25. Go swimming (most public pools aren't too expensive).
  26. Make salt dough(recipe here) and sculpt a gift for each other.
  27. Find free events in your area to attend (check your local council website/church hall notice board).
  28. Write a list of things you want to do together this year/season.
  29. If you own a tablet/smart phone then download apps and compete/team up/discover things together.
  30. Use blankets, cushions and bed sheets to make a fort.
I hope some of those ideas have inspired you! Remember that it shouldn't matter what you do just have fun doing it together. Have a fantastic date! 

Let me know which you'll be trying.
Love, Lou Bluebird xxx


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